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When it comes time to place an order for high quality stainless coil, contact Brown Metals Company first. We are a coil distributor that specializes in custom stainless coil, which can be slit to nearly any size to fit the requirements of your application.

At Brown Metals Company, we offer a variety of value-added services that set us apart from other coil distributors and metal suppliers. One of them is our slitting service, which provides you with coil that is cut to the exact size you need.

Slitting Stainless Steel Coils to any Size

Whatever thickness you need, we can slit your coil to a perfect width at your request. Our custom stainless coil slitting can be as narrow as .20”, as wide as 36”, or any width in between. If you need multiple coils of various widths, we can fill your order easily and accurately. This is not the case at every stainless coil distributor; many suppliers place far more restrictive conditions on the widths they offer. That is never the case at Brown Metals Company.

Best Stainless Steel Coils Slitting & Winding Services

The traditional way to package coil is to wrap it around a bulky cardboard core, making it more difficult to unwind and set up. Brown Metals Company uses a unique, innovative oscillate winding spool process that creates stainless steel coils unlike any other. Whatever size you request for your custom stainless coil, it will unroll smoothly and quickly because of this specialty service. Our laser welder joins coils together to produce oscillate wound spools of up to 500 pounds. They can range from .002 to .20 inches thick, and from .125” to .785” wide.

In nearly any commercial or industrial application where stainless coil is required, the oscillate winding spool process can potentially reduce your set up time by up to 50% - saving you valuable time and money.

Contact Brown Metals For A Free Stainless Steel Coils Quote

Request more information on stainless steel coils by calling Brown Metals Company at (909) 484-3124, or toll-free at (800) 992-5015. Feel free to submit your questions by phone or contact form.


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