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302 / 304 Stress Relief Annealed (SRA) Stainless Steel

For our stencil, chemical etch, and laser etch customers, Brown Metals Company offers Stress Relief Annealed (SRA) stainless steel material. SRA material is provided in the Full Hard temper (185,000 min PSI tensile) and undergoes an additional process to reduce internal stresses introduced by prior manufacturing processes such as rolling, machining, grinding, cutting, or etching. Stress relief annealing is performed at temperatures below the phase transformation temperature and is not designed to produce significant changes in microstructure or mechanical properties. Material is heated to a predetermined temperature, depending on alloy and material dimensions, and then uniformly cooled. Once the SRA process is completed, it produces the following benefits:

  • Lower cost alternative to Invar and other controlled expansion alloys
  • Prevents cracking and distortion during subsequent mechanical processing
  • Increases resistance to brittle fracture
  • Minimizes stress corrosion cracking in service environments

SRA material is ideally suited for stencil, chemical etching, and laser etching type applications.
Brown Metals Company currently offers 302 / 304 Full Hard SRA stainless steel in these thicknesses:

Inches (mm)
Inches (mm)

Stock Width
Inches (mm)

BMC Part Number
.004 ( .102)
± .0002 (.0051)
up to 36" (914)
.005 ( .127)
± .00025 (.0064)
up to 36" (914)
.006 (.152)
± .0003 (.0076)
up to 36" (914)
.007 (.178)
± .00035 (.0089)
up to 36" (914)
.010 (.254)
± .0005 (.0127)
up to 36" (914)

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